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Monsters are not born. They are created.


So the people are united against a common enemy.  Rolling Stone magazine is coming under fire for their latest cover story.  Let me start off by saying this:  This man was a horrible human being.  I am in no way glorifying anything about him.  He was a monster.  But let me also say I think people become too passionate about certain things and jump to the wrong conclusions.  Boycott the magazine before you even read the content.  Makes perfect sense to me.

I will admit that I don’t normally buy Rolling Stone magazine.  Or any other magazine for that fact.  However, I do think I will buy this one.  I’m really curious to see what is in this article.  It is my opinion that monsters are not born, they are created.  I would really like to see what went wrong here.  What snapped in this man’s head that made him what he became.

People have always had a morbid curiosity when it comes to mass killings, serial killers, etc.  Charles Manson was convicted of murder and conspiracy to commit murder in 1971.  David Berkowitz was found guilty in the murders of 6 people in 1978.  Jack the Ripper murdered at least 5 women in 1888 and was never caught.  At least once a week I turn the tv on and see a documentary, movie, or tv show about at least one of these men.  No one cries foul.  No one stages boycotts.  No one says a word.  Because it’s completely acceptable to glorify these monsters.  Because in this post 9/11 world we live in, terrorism is defined as an attack on our country and way of life by someone from the outside.  What these men did to innocent people was horrendous.  But it’s okay for us to talk about it.  It’s okay to put it on TV, and make movies, and documentaries.  It’s okay to seek answers and closure.  It’s okay to put them on the spot, pick their brains and ask WHY?

So why are the Boston Bombers any different?  Why is it not okay to ask why?  Seems like a double-edged sword if you ask me…  In this day and age, people are too worried about being politically correct.  They’re too afraid of offending people.  They’ve become too sensitive to real issues.  I applaud Rolling Stone for not allowing this story to be swept under the rug.  People deserve answers.  They deserve to know why.


Unanswered questions

Although my brain is about 70% song lyrics and movie quotes, and I suffer from a semi-severe self diagnosed case of ADD, I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person.  I understand a lot about life and about people, but one thing that I don’t think I’ll ever understand is human behavior.  Sometimes I think I would love to have the ability to read minds, but then I remember that if I could do that I would realize people don’t think I’m half as awesome as I think I am, and that would make me really sad.  Still though…  I would love to know what makes people tick.  What causes them to make the choices they make?

How do three siblings, all raised in the same household, develop completely different personalities and character traits?  How do two of them develop crippling drug habits and the third not?  How does one manage to see positive in every situation no matter how bad it is, and one have an absolute hatred for life and everything about it?  I feel bad for people who hold onto their anger and hate.  The people who can’t see the good in anything.  I understand life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows but it’s not really that bad is it?  I can’t be that naive…  I absolutely try to see positive in every negative situation, because if I let my anger and hatred consume me, I’ll lose all the things about me that make me who I am.  And I’m pretty awesome.  No ones life is perfect, but that’s not really a reason to stop living right?

Another thing I don’t understand is couples.  Maybe I’ve been single for too long, but I don’t understand why people seem to lose their individual self when they become a couple.  Why does “I” have to become “we”?  Call me crazy but I think it’s perfectly okay to maintain your singular identity while being in a relationship.  When I’m talking to you and ask “How are you?”  I don’t expect to get a “We are doing great!” response.  I asked how YOU were doing.  You are still one person right?  I think this is one of the reasons I sabotage most chances at a relationship.  I like myself too much.  I don’t want to become a we.  I want to stay a me.  Because me is awesome.  Is that normal?  I generally don’t strive for normalcy, but I don’t want to be too weird.

Last but not least is social media behavior.  I have fallen victim to the black hole that is Facebook, so I’m not going to take an anti-social media stance.  What I don’t understand is people who feel the need to post every detail about everything in their life on Facebook or Twitter.  I look at the things some of my friends post and I often wonder how I’m friends with these people.  Some of them really are bat shit insane, no matter how normal they seem otherwise.  I can not stand that people air all their drama for the world to see.  I don’t care that you’re upset and pissed off because your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you for the 728th time.  If you keep taking them back then you deserve it, and I don’t need to read about it every 12 days.  I could care less what your asshole distant relative did to piss your cat off.  It doesn’t affect my life in any way.  Find something to be happy about and stop bogging people down with your problems.  It just makes you an attention whore.  Lastly, my page is my page.  If I want to say “fuck”, I’m gonna say it.  Don’t lecture me about “You’re a mom, you shouldn’t talk like that.”  Yes.  I am a mom.  I am a mom and I say fuck.  A lot.  Get over it.  It’s been said a thousand times, if you don’t like what’s on my page, don’t look at it.  It will not hurt my feelings if you delete me…    I know this seemingly contradicts my previous statement about not being a whiny bitch all the time, but it really is a totally different situation…  That may have made more sense in my head?