A place to clear my head…

And so the adventure begins…

Lately my mind has been a very chaotic place…  At any given time I have thousands of thoughts flying around completely lost in my head.  I hope this will be a place for me to sort out these thoughts and quiet the screaming in my brain long enough to sleep at night.  So if I begin to ramble and not make sense, please bear with me.  It will take some time to organize the chaos.


Through all the hardships and heartache I have encountered in my life, I try really hard to maintain a positive outlook on life.  Things are always going to get better.  I may struggle, but I always say it’s leading up to something great.  I live my life as if something amazing is about to happen.  That being said, I have to admit it’s really hard to not be cynical…  I see many people truly fighting their way up from the bottom, to continuously get kicked back down.  And then I see people complain about their horrible life right before they get into their brand new car and drive away.  I strongly believe your life is a direct result of the choices and decisions you make.  If your life is bad, start making better decisions.  Unfortunately, sometimes the damage is already done though.  You can start making all the right decisions, but you’re always going to be stuck in an uphill battle.  I know this from personal experience.  I refuse to believe my life is never going to amount to anything.  We all get knocked down on our way to the top.  How you handle the setbacks in your life is what defines you as a person.  You either roll over and let it consume you, or you get up, brush yourself off and start climbing again.  I refuse to give in.  I may be in a constant uphill battle, but for every step I lose, I get back up and gain three more.  The problem with people is they spend so much time waiting for something good to happen, instead of making it happen.  Nothing in life comes easy and you have to fight for everything you want.  I decided a long time ago that I was going to live my life rather than just exist in it, and although I may not be perfect, I’ve come a long way from where I was.




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